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Mission Statement

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Richbol Environmental Services Ltd is presently advocating for the installation of pure water sachet recycling machines in various town and cities of Nigeria and the West African sub region.

Reasons for the Advocacy
1. The commodity-pure water, presently plays a major role in the provision of drinkable water in Nigeria. It has provided relief and comfort to millions of people who find it readily available, accessible and affordable to quench their thirst, whenever nature demands.

2a. The commodity has created a lot of job opportunities (both through the production and sales) to many Nigerians.

b. The sachets recycling technology being advocated is capable of providing between 9,000 and 15,000 job opportunities in each of the states in Nigeria, depending on the size, population density and level of industrialization of each state. (This means that the technology is capable of providing over 370,000 direct job opportunities in the entire country, aside several other thousands of indirect jobs it will create).

3. All plastics including pure water sachets are known to be (a) non-biodegradable i.e they cannot decompose like other organic waste, it is therefore not advisable for them to be landfilled or buried as they affect the soil structure, composition and the level of microbial activities in the soil.

b. Scientifically and medically too, it is not advisable to incinerate (burn) plastic products, as this is known to generate air-borne cancerous toxics fumes such as dioxins and furans and a range of other dangerous air pollutants which causes variety of human health problems like; cancers, immune and reproductive system defects, spontaneous abortions, respiratory diseases, diabetes and hormone disruption etc.

c. The burning of plastics and other waste materials is also known to cause damage to the ozone layer, which equally causes so many ill health and environmental degradation.

4. Since pure water sachet cannot be buried or incinerated, the ONLY means of adequately taking care of several million of tonnage of sachets being produced in the course of drinking pure water is through the recycling process. Hence the need to install high-tech, long lasting and easy to maintain technology (which we do)

5. This will provide a sustainable solution to the incessant blockage of drainages and other water channels with the attendant flooding.

6. This will also lead to the achievement of clean and aesthetic environment, through reduced indiscriminate littering/dumping of the sachets, reduction in environmental pollution and degradation.

7a. The end products of the recycled pure water sachets in a fine pelletised plastic products, which is a raw material that can be used in several other application. See MRF-Plastic Recycling

b. The end products is also an exportable commodity that is in very high demand in the international market. This means that it is also a source of foreign exchange earnings.

c. To provide raw materials for industrial consumption, thereby stimulating industrial growth in the country.

8. To help governments (Federal, State & Local) achieve best practice on Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) vis, recovery, reuse and recycling (3Rs) through waste-to-wealth projects, and ultimately help reduce huge government recurrent expenditure on general environmental management.

9. To help government in the actual and true implementation of her current economic policy; The National Economic Empowerment Development Strategies (NEEDS), State Economic Empowerment Development Strategies (SEEDS) and Local Economic Empowerment Development Strategies (LEEDS). This can be done through Government support and assistance to empower individuals, groups, communities and Associations to establish recycling centers.

10. Ultimately, the advocacy is intended to assist and collaborate with Governments, United Nations and her agencies, Non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) (Local & Foreign), Donor agencies and foundations, Regional/Continental Unions and associations like European Union and African Union etc, to achieve the set objectives of the United Nations’ new Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which amongst other objectives/Goals seeks to ensure sustainable development of the environment and also cut the number of poverty in the world to half by year 2015

Our Strategy
In view of the above 10 Internationally Important reasons, our organisation RICHBOL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LTD., a leading waste/environmental management company commenced an advocacy programme for the installation of pure water sachets recycling projects taken into consideration the huge effect of the project on the environment and economic activities of the nation.

In a nutshell the development and installations of these technology (machines) will adequately and sustainably transform the menace and attendants problems of the so called ‘waste’ to resources with high economic value.

We will therefore be pleased to assist/guide governments, NGOs (Local & Foreign) U.N and her arms and agencies. Donor agencies, foundations, communities, Regional/Continental Unions and Association establish a sustainable plastic/pure water sachet recycling centers.

We can also at inception help develop a workable comprehensive proposal on the project taken into consideration the local peculiarities of the environment. The proposal will include but not limited to the following; plant capacity, space requirement, financial requirement (capital and recurrent expenditure), operational requirement, income, profit and break-even point projection and after sales services.
Low Investment, High & Sustainable Returns
The cost implication of the entire technology is very low, while it has very high return of the investment.

The overall gain cannot be estimated or quantify in terms of clean & aesthetic environment, job creation, poverty reduction , sustainable technology etc.

Pure water sachets (Plastic)

Pastic (Pure water sachets) Recyclin machine

Plastic pellets (Resins) used in the production of other plastic products
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