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COMPOSTING: This is the conversion of organic waste materials into valuable soil conditioner/fertilizer for agricultural usage. Nigeria and indeed Africa, presently imports several Million tons of chemical (inorganic) fertilizers for distribution and sales to Local farmers, this fact means that there is a huge market for organic fertilizers in this continent. The importation of these chemical fertilizers by government deplete the very scarce foreign exchange of the African countries, worst still the chemical fertilizer portends danger to the soil, crop and the final consumer.



1. Environmental friendly to the soil and
crop and human

Harmful to the crop, soil and humans

2. It enhances soil structures, water
retention ability and also support  
increased microbial activities in the soil

Excess application destroys the soil structure, the microbial activities in the soil and does not enhance water retention ability of the soil.

3. Excess application does not affect the
soil nor the plant

Excess application leads to soil acidity and also kills the plant

4. Prevent erosion

Causes erosion

The table above shows comparison of both the organic fertilizer and the chemical fertilizer.

The produced organic fertilizer can also be neatly packaged in different sizes of bags as pelets (just like the chemical fertilizer) for easy application.

Waste collection from the trucks at Landfill/Material Recovery Facility (MRF) (stage-1)

The organic waste is made into windrows for easy turning until maturity.

Waste turning to speed up the microbial activities needed for composting and maturity.

Very rich organic fertilizer from screening machine, after the removal of metal, plastic & other impurities.

Packaging and bagging of the final product as a High graded organic fertilizer.

Bags of packaged organic fertilizer ready for market.

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